The Jagiellonian Fair presents and promotes the  rich traditional culture of East Central Europe.

Traditional arts and crafts showcased by folk artists from Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania are presented both in their pure, authentic forms and enriched with contemporary art which reaches for folk themes as a source of its inspiration. All this takes place in the streets of the Old Town in Lublin, where the centuries' old tenement houses have many stories to tell and hide many secrets.

However, the uniqueness of the Jagiellonian Fair rests not only on attractive stalls displaying intricate traditional handicrafts. The unique ambience of the Jagiellonian Fair is above all created by its many fascinating participants and their projects, folk music concerts, folk ensembles, theatre plays, film screenings, paratheatre activities or  the lively, exciting parades during which a two-metre golden hen passes through the streets of the Old Town in an entourage comprised of burghers, magicians, craftsmen and musicians. The Jagiellonian Fair offers, moreover, a rare opportunity to participate in a variety of handicraft workshops, dance and music workshops, to take part in meetings and discussions. During the Jagiellonian Fair, history intertwines with modernity, knowledge merges with fun and entertainment, the traditional meets the  new and dialectal speech clashes with foreign languages.

Traditions which have enriched our City throughout the ages and the legacy left to us by previous generations throughout and in spite of the twists and turns of history allow us today to appreciate and take pride in the beauty of Lublin and its unique ambience, as well as to believe in the potential still inherent in the city and its inhabitants.



Admission to all events is free.

This year's edition of the Jagiellonian Fair runs from August 15 to 17
Lublin – the Old Town